May 24


evangelistic-discipleship-posterWe are to Study the Word of God, Live out the Word of God, Help Others in their walk and allow them to help us in ours. That is why God’s Words tells us in Acts 2:43-47 to continue daily with one mind in the temple, to eat and fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters, and to praise God. Click Here for List of all the classes.



God’s Little Lambs — Birth- 2 yrs old –    (1st Floor: 2nd Door on the Left)

OBBC Sprouts – 2-5 yrs old –   (1st Floor: 3rd Door on the Left)

The Little Disciples – Kindergarten – 1st —   (2nd Floor: 3rd Door on the Right)


Followers of Christ– 2nd – 3rd Grade —   (2nd Floor: Game Room at end of the Hall)

Jesus Hunters – 4th – 5th Grade –   (2nd Floor: 2nd Room on the Left)


Juniors for Jesus– 6th -8th Grade —   (Gym of other Bldg: 1st Room on Right)

Forgiven Followers – 9th -12th Grade —   (Gym of other Bldg: Room Behind Basketball goal)


Young Adults – Ladies –   (Gym of other Bldg: 2nd Room on Right)

Young Adults — Men —  (Other Bldg: Last Room on the Right in Office Area)

Marriage Reunion Class – Couples –   (2nd Floor: 3rd Door on the Left)

Shepherds Class  –Couples –   (2nd Floor: End of the Hallway Door to the Right)

Spirit Seekers — Ladies —   (2nd Floor: 2nd Door on the Right)

Rebecca Class  — Sr Adult Ladies —  (1st Floor: 1st Door on the Left)

Fellowship Class — Co-Ed –  (2nd Floor: 1st Door on the Left)

The Son Servants — Co-Ed —  (2nd Floor: 1st Room on the Right)

The Potters Class — Co-Ed —   (1st Floor: Last Door on Left, Choir Room)

Bible Truths — Open —   (Sanctuary)


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